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It is a good time to buy property in Thailand for condos right now as the condo supply is more than current demand. Some condo projects didn't get completed with the current economic crises and it pays to be careful investing in an incomplete project. Bangkok is difficult also, prices are not dropping too much as developers are holding on. There are some good deals available from some departing foreigners due to economic situation so its worth keeping an eye on that market too. Buy if you have the spare cash but don't look at condos as a cash earning venture unless you get a bargain from an outgoing expat etc. Many condo complexes have bad management and there is a lot of fund mis-use aroound - again it pays to be careful and get solid independent local knowledge in the property investment market in Bangkok. 

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Property Investment
At Bangkok Property Brokers, we are able to deal with a broad range of enquiries, in all price ranges and property types throughout Thailand.

When we understand a buyer's requirements we begin our search for property through our extensive network of  Agents and developers, as well as our own extensive property databases, covering property investment in Bangkok and the rest of Thailand.

Our team can deal with customers from any part of the world, looking for any type of property and can advise and guide property investors through the whole process.

We work alongside carefully selected property companies in Bangkok, offering a wide range of property and local expertise. Their support and on the ground service in each of the regions complements the convenience of a Bangkok base and direct contact with ourselves.

Bangkok property Brokers can help guide you through your property investment plan from start to finish. Call us today for more details, or fill in the quick form and one of  our representatives will comtact you promptly.

Exotic Thailand is Asia's top tourist destination offering a world class affordable tourist service, making it a magnet for visitors, re-locators and property investors alike. In many key locations in Thailand, the local economy relies heavily on tourism, and increased property investment in these locations is now good news for domestic economic growth and good capital returns.

As Thailand has become far more universally popular as a tourist destination, so its real estate sector has benefited from increased foreign interest and investment.

A property investor has a wealth of choice and opportunity in Thailand and in recent years the entire real estate sector has returned impressive capital growth figures as well as increased rental yield returns - but issues still remain relating to freehold ownership and these present an investor with a series of challenges to navigate.

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The benefit of buying specifically for investment purposes is the removal of emotion from the purchase while you regard the property purely as an investment vehicle. This could be in the form of re-assignable contract option to sell at a substantial profit prior to completion or a "buy-to-let" situation to generate a reliable rental income and incorporating substantial capital appreciation.
The resort areas of Thailand are magnets for the scams and it always pays to have sound investment advice from a reputable property broker, such as, Bangkok Property Brokers !

Also, Thai Stock Exchange index has been dropping as the ecomony slows down, which will help the GPB and Euro, while the baht / US$ rate has been stable for some time.
Off-Plan Properties in Thailand

Thailand currently has much to offer investors in terms of off-plan villas, townhouses, apartments and condos. Buying a condo allows foreigners to buy freely, without the need to establish a limited liability company, provided the foreigner to Thai ownership ratio on your chosen development does not exceed 49:51%.